Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My walk to school

This is the walk I take everyday to and from school. 

Yes, it is through a cemetery but this cemetery has revised my opinions on what they're all about. While I would definitely not walk through here at night (more because of the alive people than dead ones), it is actually a very peaceful experience to stroll there listening to my pod-casts, look at all the old names, hear the rustling leaves and watch the long, cool shadows. 
It's one of  my favorite parts of the day.

I took these pictures yesterday. There is a little nip in the air now- another summer is coming to its close. Fall is brief but glorious in upstate NY and I can't wait for how beautiful the trees are going to look in just a few weeks. Then the winter will come and it will be
 difficult to negotiate the icy, snowy slopes but beautiful in its own way. I'll post more pictures then. But for now...the serene, rolling greens are lovely. Here are a few pictures of my walk....

Above, buildings on comstock ave which runs along one side 
of the cemetery.

I love the old mausoleums dotting the cemetery- some are really spectacular- like mini castles, with graceful turrets and detailing- but you have to go deep into the cemetary for that. Not advisable alone in the evening, when these pictures were taken... 

Here's another mausoleum- I wonder if it has just one person or a family?

My favorite gravestone is the one that looks like a mini-amphi-theatre...I always smile at it as I wander by. 
It's not Chrissy Field (which I will blog about some other day) but for upstate NY, it will do just fine. 

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