Sunday, November 30, 2008

What good PR looks like

Watching This Week with George Stephanopolous and they had the Ambassador of Pakistan Hussain Haqqani. Haqqani is a very intelligent scholar and diplomat and an excellent choice for Ambassador in my opinion. I heard him speak once at the Council of World Affairs in San Francisco a few years ago and came away extremely impressed.

He showed how such situations should be handled: hit all the Pakistan talking points (Pakistan is a democracy, also a victim of terrorism, we feel India's pain, acknowledges the Pakistani roots of the problem but blames it on non-state actors).

At the same time he acknowledged that there is a problem with Pakistan and Afghanistan being the locus of 'Jihad central'. He also did not make any pejorative claims or arguments against India.

He also made the very important point that these attacks should not be viewed in the usual India-Pakistan prism.

Throughout he was calm, progressive in thinking and articulate.

Good PR and diplomacy 101.


B. S. Prakash said...

important points made by him and by you. Yes, I agree the tone and the content of what a good mind conveys even while projecting a certain point of view, can evoke admiration, even in one not so sympathetic with that mind.

Sorry for this rather convoluted comment.

itinerant said...

I know its a shame he is the Pakistani Ambassador. He was so much more blunt when he was with CEIP/ Stimson.