Monday, January 5, 2009

Contest Results: Most memorable Meal/Party (My favorite category)

Most memorable Meal/Party:

For some reason, the nicest answers were for the category about Best meal/party. I guess there's something revelatory about recalling good times and memories that happen at memorable meals and parties...and weddings apparently, given that 3 of the entries revolved around meals at weddings). I loved reading the very personal replies to this category, so I'll just share the entries as they were written:

Papa: At Lufthansa first class terminal at Frankfurt on December 25 Caviar on toast, thai soup, thai main dish with german wurst on the side, mix and match as i liked from a buffet spread, all alone in splendour on X mas day. I have to give a special award to my dad for managing to make 1. airport food and 2. eating alone, sound so pleasurable.

Chris: Too many good meals this year, and showing the evidence therein.(Oh don't we know it too well, Chris)

Chanbong: I guess it was Taylor's end-of-year party with lots of kids smelling like poop! But it might also be that SU Press reception which we sneaked into! (Chanbong, you get the prize for least appealing food related entry ever but amen on that SU press reception that we absolutely were not allowed at)

Rebekah: Most memorable meal was a lunch this summer with my best friend at Cafe Leopold, an Austrian restaurant in Georgetown off of M Street.

Eric: Democratic Party, but seriously, Katie and Mike's engagement party. (haha!)

Vivek: Chez Gladines, Paris - roast duck in a creamy sauce, salad, potatoes, cheese, and lots of wine.

Daisycat: Breakfast at the Taj, San Francisco, on my first day as Mrs. Toth. :) This one made me smile too.

Kam: aloo-purie (He's referring to Tulip's delectable aloo-purie which I heartily second)

Violet: had to be my brother's wedding... 5 bands/musical acts and an entire room full of desserts... pretty sure that could go down as the best meal/party of my life.

Heather: First, the multiple parties thrown in part or in full to acknowledge my (ahem, temporary) departure from Syracuse. I had a thoroughly good time at the H-House bash with new and old friends AND the Pastabilities dinner was so touching it brought me to tears (not to mention the message on the cake which I will always remember) AND as if that wasn’t enough to my utter and complete surprise (thanks Light Light...) a bunch of men (and a few more women too!) were waiting for us at Faegan’s- who knew so many people were that happy to see me go!? But seriously, all those people showing up to see me off absolutely made my year. I have the best friends ever, and nothing made me realize that more than having to leave to Syracuse.I also have to include my brother’s wedding which included THE most beautiful bride in the history of anything (nothing against Daisycat but the photos of my sister in law look like they are straight out of Vogue), the most heart melting tear jerking speech from my brother and so much to celebrate and feel good about it is ridiculous. Also the Martha Stewart inspired giant pom poms were pretty awesome and getting to be a bridesmaid and bonding with my new sister my dear brother and all their friends was hard to top. (Again, great entry)

Mike: haha choosing a favorite meal is always hard for me, but for a bunch of reasons I'll say this year's PSC holiday party. Followed closely by each Grube U. victory smorgasbord (Yes, the wings!!! Truly good times)

Tulip: A certain someone's 30th birthday party - 90s theme!

Vlad: jasmine rice (a choice that is almost Buddhist in simplicity and intriguing in concept)

Itenerant: ? (Also vaguely deep)

Bluebell: ID group pot luck

Pine Tree: "new years eve 2007: steak, cocktails, movie, good conversation with friends and a movie afterwards" (what's not to like?)

Saffron: Party at the H house the weekend after comps. It felt so good to relax! (Nothing is as good as that post-comps feeling!)

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