Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Diplomat's Daughter- the blog, not moi

Before there was lightlight, there was the diplomat's daughter. That's right- my sister has decided to revive her blog three years (THREE years!!!) after she stopped writing it. When we last saw our heroine she was a culture-vulture type at JNU, remarking on the many oddities around her and wondering if she would ever get her transcripts. In the 3 years since she moved continents twice, got married (yup, married) and has that elusive thing I call a JOB (these awesome things that I want one day when I grow up). She spends her days educating and growing the bright young minds of tomorrow. So basically there's going to be a lot for her to write about...

This makes me happy for three reasons:

First, she's back. She always has thoughtful, if mildly intimidating, things to say.

Second, it gives me hope that someone can revive a blog 3 years after it died. 3 years!!! So fret not wandering through readers- there is hope yet.

Three, now there is more of us to read- if one of us is slacking, the other can pick up it up.

So wander over, won't you? But remember, always, where you came from.

p.s. inspired by my sister- I shall also work more on this blog. And there is plenty of exciting stuff to come in the next few weeks- for instance a trip to BRAZIL! woo hoo!! And the second attempt at baking and JM heart stealing glory...And of course copious entries and notes on the tremendous progress on my dissertation chapters. (what's that laughter I hear?)

Stay tuned friends- the party is just getting started....

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The Diplomat's Daughter said...

Oh catty. I was expecting a one line mention, not a whole post!!! Thank you for the huge shout out and for making me (and my blog) out to be more interesting/noble than we really are!

You forgot to mention another reason to be happy about this revival - its another way for us to keep in touch. I'm looking forward to being more plugged in with you and others in the blogosphere. :)