Friday, August 1, 2008

5 things I would have loved to have been, but alas can't be: 

1. A professional photographer of architecture- I thought of just saying architect but I don't think I have the discipline to have gone through school for that. What I really love is finished buildings, wandering through cities and learning more about why structures look the way they do. So a photographer who could take great, iconic pictures of buildings would combine both those loves and travel! 
My favorite building: the Chrysler building (hardly original but what a structure that is). 

2. A chef in some small, not very high-pressure situation. I don't do well with pressure but I enjoy cooking and feeding people, experimenting with food. 

3. A novelist of well-regarded, insightful books. So hard to do and so easy to write a lot of crap that is clever, gets published but is in the end just very disposable.  

4. An interview journalist- someone like Charlie Rose. I like his style a lot- I don't think I'd do well with interrogating people or being tough and hard-ass. I like the idea of a curious interviewer who just wants to have a chat with someone/something they find fascinating. 

5. A professor in one of the most top notch liberal arts colleges in the world. This is closest to what I do of course but I know the social and professional hierarchies of academia well enough to know that I won't end up anywhere like that. Since I don't do well with pressure- I'm not going to put a research institution as my dream job and even though I know top notch liberal arts colleges require research etc.- that's where I think I would thrive. 

So is there a pattern here? They're all creative jobs which require discipline. Hmmm. 

5 jobs I would hate, and thankfully cannot do either:

1. Anything to do with medicine

2. Being a criminal lawyer

3. Hard, menial labor- I would be terrible at it and lack the discipline completely

4. Anything to do with IT 

5. Investment banker 

So nothing with long hours or lots of at least that's covered. 

So in the end everything works out just fine. 

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