Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meal of the Month: Asti Cafe

Meal of the month deserves its own entry:

I was going to be shameless and pat myself on the back for the best yet iteration of my eggplant pahi. I made this on the night of the inauguration and nodded blissfully to myself as I thought "you're good. really good."

10 minutes later: Oh My god! What am I saying?! The eggplant can wait. No, the best meal of the month was undoubtedly Pine tree's delicious birthday meal at Asti Cafe. It was so good, I'm going to share pics:

My Ravioli was rich and satisfying with fresh cheese and an absolutely elevated vodka sauce...

Pine tree's tortellini di bernardo (spinach tortellini, mushrooms, garlic sauce and prosciutto) was very flavorful as was blue-eyes' eggplant dish which I could not get a pic of.

The Tiramisu was luscious and moist and not too rummy

But the piece de resistance was the Creme Brulee - just superb with a caramel that was just the right amount of bitter-salty.

The service was a trifle snooty but that did not detract from a great meal- I'll definitely be back at Asti and for my fellow 'cuse dwellers, check it out!

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