Monday, March 9, 2009

Day Off

I watched this.
Verdict - Luscious, visually stunning but ultimately just ok. Netflix it.

I read this
Verdict- excellent, read it.

I contemplated this and this
Verdict- Gloomy. #*@! it.

I ate this and this
Verdict- delicious, cook and eat it.

I cheered this
Verdict- Brilliant. Sachin is IT.

I blogged this.
Verdict- lazy but efficient. Skip it?

So, spring break is here so copious blogging is coming your way but today, this about sums it up. All in all:

Work done = 0
Pleasure Had = Immense (except for that little recession, never-getting- a-job thing.)


Seth Fischer said...

Recession recmession. There's tons of jo ... oh wait, we're all screwed.

chanbong said...

aah the turkish breakfast...
we should definitely have a big one soon.