Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Left out

On not quite so heavy a note, I've had this ironic (I think this is irony) thought over the last few days:

Who knew the death of capitalism would be such a bummer, man?

And in some epic twist of irony- guess who gets massively hit by it's demise? That's right, us idealistic, lefty grad students and academics who railed against it all along...

Some dark comedy there.


Tashan said...

Ya, I totally agree. Feel the same way-- we poor jurnos with misguided "socialist secularist" (In the Indian context) sympathies are badly hit too not the caviar eating set who continue to consume!

Con Verse said...

good one... I like the "left out" pun. On the upside, we have not lost much since we never joined the "party"