Saturday, October 25, 2008

Seeing Green

Last post today, I promise:

Though I came to blogging rather late, I like it so far. There's nothing like the instant gratification of seeing 'Published Successfully !' exclamation point and all, when most of your life is spent thinking about, avoiding, trying to work on, working on, contemplating, dreading, writing, planning etc. an unending project that may or may not ever be published. You can see the appeal.

But I'd be the first to admit that blogging, fun as it is, is pretty passe. For every truly good blog, there are a 100 others (mine included)that are basically glorified diaries or photo albums.

That's fine with me in general but this gave me pause...a Japanese potted plant now has a blog. Yes, I said plant.

The saddest part is that there will probably be more people that are going to seriously read this plant's blog compared to my dissertation, let alone my blog...

ETA: Great, and now the friggin' plant is on SNL's 'weekend update'. What's next? A 'Bloggie'?

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chanbong said...

psst, i posted my very first blog entry in english!

don't tell anyone!