Thursday, October 30, 2008

Proposition hate

Proposition 8 on the California ballot aims at reversing gay marriage. I think this would be a real shame and should be defeated but it is going to be close, even in California. Regardless of our sexual and gender orientations, I think we should be concerned about proposition 8 going through for its adverse implications on justice and equality in our society.

This got me thinking: I can understand conservative arguments on many things- on fiscal matters, on abortion, on the death penalty and even gun rights. Apart from the death penalty (and even here I have my doubts), I don't really agree with any of those arguments or find them convincing but I can appreciate that there are arguments there, some more solid than others.

But I cannot truly think of a single intelligent argument against gay marriage. I'm not being sarcastic but I just can't think of one- the closest one is that it would involve opening up economic breaks etc. to gay married people too. Is that the reason why people oppose gay marriage? Are there other reasons? Whose rights does it harm? What is a good, rational argument against it? Is there one?

I'm genuinely curious....

So until I hear a good reason (and I'm not holding my breath) I'm thinking of this as proposition hate.

ETA: As we celebrate Obama's victory, the prop 8 race seems to be too close to call BUT it does not look good. What is particularly disheartening is the way the vote has broken down racially, by age and by religious background. What is wrong with people? How can you vote for equality in one direction, and deny others the same. A sad sad note (and a big one) on a wonderful night.


chanbong said...

is it not more about the belief that "marriage = family"? and if gay marriage is legalized than it effectively means a re-conceptualization of family - "the building block of every society."

it's amazing that a modern, legally constructed procedure defines what is in fact the most primitive association of human life.

Lightlight said...

Thanks for suggesting this reason. Yes, this must be an argument. Of course there are flaws in it...first of all, marriage does not equal family in many cases if we take family as anything more than just the legal association. And then secondly, it is important and necessary to reconceptualize the building blocks of society- and many have evolved (women's roles, nuclear family etc.) - so why not this one? Not too convincing, no? But at least that is some semblance of an argument...

Amazing indeed.

supercharged bimbo said...

Another reason might be the survival instinct inscribed within every member of a species: "Man on man love does not bear fruits..." But, of course, this atavistic fear of the "gay", particularly (fear) of this kind, is characteristic of the lowest of our kind. You must love them conservatives, they're so very close to nature...

But we should be so thankful that we have our scientists to tell us all how it is! It's been decided: women are to blame for the gays being gay and the gayest of the gay! (of course, how didn't I think about that?!) Baffled? You should read this article from my favorite leisure reading - Psychology Today: "Finding the Switch" -


"Are men becoming extinct?" -


"The end of males? Mouse made to reproduce without sperm" -

Are you getting the idea? Who needs "them" anyways? Let's rejoice!