Monday, October 6, 2008

Muddy Waters: Starbucks Water Waste

Thanks to a friend for pointing me to this shocking news about Starbucks and their waste of water. According to reports from various countries, Starbucks has a standard policy of leaving a cold water tap on the entire day for reasons that I find wholly unconvincing- something about keeping taps clean and washing spoons.

According to the article, Starbucks lets 23 million litres of water literally go down the drain every day. 23 million litres. That is just mind boggling. There are all sorts of statistics in the articles about how many people that water would save but the number alone- 23 million litres - should leave us shaken.

Starbucks denial of their waste is strange- they don't deny that they do have this absurd policy, they just try to justify it. This lends itself to various 'wake up and smell the coffee' jokes but really, the argument is just ridiculous.

I'm not buying it - not the argument and from now on, not the coffee...
To quote my favorite politician of the moment "Thanks, but no thanks."

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