Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Score sheet and summary debate 3

Huh!? Who would have thought that the third debate would be the best one? Many people I know refused to watch and they missed out on a good debate- different questions, great moderating and discussion, controversial topics and questions.

They did NOT talk about: Iraq, Iran, Terrorism, Energy, Oil etc. Refreshing.

Ok, so apart from that here's the score sheet:

Winner: Joe the plumber, take a bow.

Bob Scheiffer- these were the best questions so far.

Ok, seriously this was the CLOSEST debate for me. I have to say...If you ignore the lies, the nastiness, the rudeness and the lack of graciousness- then McCain sort of had the edge at the start. But Obama was (as David Brooks has just said) unflappable like a redwood tree (?)...

So, for common sense and good policy- Obama
For aggressiveness- McCain

Biggest surprise: The questions, McCain going for the Ayers jab

Most annoying: Joe the plumber talk, McCain saying "good job" perfunctorily to Obama at the end.

Stupidest point: So Obama has not travelled south of the border, McCain? Shall we delicately broach the fact that your running mate didn't get her passport until 2 years ago?

Best question:
The negative campaign one, for the manner in which it was asked

Worst question: None really, probably the economic ones because they were so predictable

Best moment:
Me toddling off to bed. And the realization that finally, after nearly 50 debates for this election, I won't have to watch another debate for a long time.

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